Our Toddler program, provides the structure that allows the students to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable. Students are given daily opportunities to explore and learn through age appropriate toys and projects.

Children in the Toddler Classroom are encouraged to try to use their words to express their needs and wants. The activities in the Toddler Classroom are developed to create learning experiences and social experiences through play, projects, and activities. 

Areas of Development

Fine Motor Skills. Toddler’s fine motor skills, which include finger and hand movements, need to be encouraged in many different ways in order for them to progress. Our program offers a wide variety of activities for your child to develop his or her fine motor skills, ranging from finger painting, to using a pincer grasp (precursor to pre-writing skills) in using materials with utensils, to kneading and using clay.

Gross Motor Skills. Our program is geared towards the enhancement of your child’s hand-eye coordination and overall balance and gait. The daily routine of walking on the line helps establish these skills. Also, activities such as batting objects, kicking, running, and throwing help target such skills.

Emotional Skills. As your child is exposed to the classroom environment, emotions from joy to frustration will arise. By providing your child with a loving and caring environment, emotional readiness such as patience, cooperation and sharing will be instilled in them.

Social Skills. To establish peer relationships, the toddlers are introduced with their classmates by becoming aware of each other’s names and then gradually inviting them to participate in simple sharing and turn-taking activities.

Communication Skills. While in the classroom, the toddlers are encouraged to put their wants and needs into words. Additionally, the children are encouraged to sing simple songs and recite nursery rhymes.

Cognitive Skills. Worksheets and supplementary activities are given to each child in order to enhance their ability to think and learn. Additionally, the different learning centers in the classroom provide a venue for the children to explore their environment. Toddlers are presented with a “hands on learning program” where they learn by using their “five senses” by seeing pictures, by handling the learning materials, hearing songs, stories and the like.

Classroom Routine

The classroom routine includes, walking on the line, greeting, lesson time, fine motor activity, gross motor activity, worksheets, snack time, free play, special activity time (storytime, art, cooking, crafts), and dismissal.