Ruizian Love



Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz’s Learning Optimization via Virtual Experience or ESLRs LOVE is the distance learning program we offer during this health crisis times. As the current health crisis brought by Covid-19 Pandemic caused many changes in our way of life. Many things that we have once considered as routine has now been drastically changed or outright forbidden. We now have a “new normal” that we must all strive to adapt to. Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz (ESLR) is no different. Through your support and the dedication of our faculty and staff, we have come up with plans to continue provide the quality education that you have come to expect from us even during this “new normal".

ESLRs LOVE, a distance learning program will involve online, virtual classes and teacher-prepared learning modules and worksheets. At no point will your child be required to come to school. Instead of coming to school the students will use communication technology such as smartphones, laptop, iPad and any gadgets with internet connection.




All teaching staff are tasked to prepare teaching modules and worksheets for their assigned grade level and subject area. The modules are designed for an instructional period of five (5) days or one (1) school week. Therefore six (6) modules will be prepared per subject area in each grade level.

In order to assist in the implementation of Distance Learning. Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz will make use of an online learning management system(LMS). Teacher-developed learning modules will be accessed through the LMS and will be the main mode of delivery for the lessons. Live and recorded virtual classes will be given as support and clarification for the modules via LMS. 

The live virtual classes will be held twice daily, with only one subject per day. This is to provide flexibility for the students’ same situation. The school recognizes that parents’ maybe working from home and will have to share internet technology with the students. As such, the same class will be offered in the morning and afternoon.

In case students do not have access to reliable internet technology, alternative methods such as curbside pick-up and drop-off of printed modules, telephone conferencing and chat support, shall be made available.





Smaller class sizes (15 students or less) will be implemented for ease of learner management during live virtual classes as well as to lower internet bandwidth and maintain quality internet connections.




For Special Education classes this will translate as one on-one video conferencing, with parent’s/guardians direct supervision. This ¡s due to the fact that the students may have trouble focusing on the screen and therefore cutting on-screen distractions, along with parent/ guardian supervision will help them better adapt to this Situation.

  • Students will join selected live virtual classes with their grade level class when applicable and upon the recommendation of the SpEd Support Team for interaction


With all of these steps. ESLR hopes to continue your child’s holistic education as safe as possible and as little disruptions as possible.

Together as one community, we will face the challenges of the “new normal” with faith, hope and love.

God bless and stay safe!