What does "Montessori" mean?


Dr. Maria Montessori (1st female physician in Italy) specialized in pediatrics and discovered the marvelous abilities of young children to learn through their senses. Today, there are thousands of Montessori schools throughout the Philippines and around the world.

This program invites extensive exploration and offers a hands-on classroom where children, ages 2 ½ - 6 years old will learn by doing, experimenting, touching, and using all of their senses. The materials that are specially made for the Montessori classroom are exceptionally broad in range which covers the learning areas of sensory, math, language, geography, history, science, as well as, art, and music.


Why choose the ESLR Montessori Program for your child?


Our classrooms are fully air-conditioned and our beautiful learning materials, imported from the U.S., provide an environment for the children as they fulfill their profound need to learn.

Our teachers are certified by the Montessori Institute of America and received excellent training from the Montessori Teacher Preparation of Washington spearheaded by Donald & Sharlet McClurkin.

Grab this opportunity for your child to attend an "authentic montessori program at an affordable price."


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Give your child the world: Full of wonder and perfect design!

Allow your child to reach his/her full potential.