Grade School

What is Grade School in ESLR?


The Grade School Curriculum provides a general education that will equip the student with the qualities geared towards being an active individual in the community, society and the church. Furthermore, this gives them a foundation for Secondary Education.

The Grade School program is divided into the Primary and Intermediate Level. The curriculum of the Primary level is structured into five learning areas:


This program provides a foundation for basic mathematical relationships in preparation for more challenging concepts in the Intermediate level.


This program enhances learning through exploration and discovery. They apply classroom based knowledge through hands on learning and experimentations in the laboratory.


This program provides a foundation on the competencies necessary for the use and application of the English language.


Sa programang ito, sinasanay ang mag-aaral sa pamamagitan ng pakikinig ng pagsasalita, pagbasa at pag sulat ng Wikang Pilipino.


This program provides a holistic learning which entails building a Filipino self-identity through the understanding of the following components:

  • Araling Panlipunan
  • Christian Living
  • Computer

As for the Intermediate Curriculum, it also covers the above mentioned learning areas with additional components for Makabayan namely:

  • TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) and MAPE (Music, Art, and P.E.).


Grade School Departmental Goals

  1. To further the development of the student's academic skills and, in turn, utilizes these skills in critical thinking, solving problems, and making sound decisions.
  2. To ingest in every pupil the Catholic doctrine while allowing them to relate this with other religious beliefs in order to form open-mindedness and social awareness.
  3. To develop patriotism in every student by making him well-oriented and well-informed regarding Filipino society's past and current issues.
  4. To guide every pupil in the orientation of his social roles while developing social awareness.