In 1981, the Founder inspired by a strong will to serve the community spearheaded the birth of a learning center, offering pre-school education for the low income families thus the name Young Achievers Learning and Child Care Center (YALCCC) was conceived offering nursery, kindergarten and preparatory courses with only 22 pupils.


After seven years, the school's vision to open elementary was realized initially. It first offered the primary level with the intention to promote Catholic Faith, naming it "Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz (ESLR)", after the first Filipino Saint. In 1994, upon the completion of its elementary course, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports granted the school Government Recognition under P-0020 Series 1987 and E-011, Series 1994, respectively.


In response to the demand of the community to offer complete basic education, ESLR gave way to the opening of the secondary course in 1995 with first and second year as the initial levels. Due to the need for expansion, the high school department moved to its new location at Salazar St., Greenheights Subdivision in 1998 under the supervision of Mr. Jesus Agbuya. In his leadership, he revised the organizational structure of the school.


School year 2002 brought another change of leadership in the institution. A woman leader was appointed to anchor the entire school in the person of Ms. Victorina L. Loria. A year after the high shool department was granted Government recognition by the Department of Education with S-013, Series of 2003.


To provide better facilities, the Administration responded to the needs of the learners by providing a covered court in the elementary department, as well as in the high school department and installing air-conditioning system in the pre-school department.


Gearing towards the year ahead, Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz will continue to fulfill its mission in equipping the learners for a lifelong endeavor and preparedness for global challenges.